Friday, March 2, 2018

Personal Goals for March

Happy March, friends! February is gone already and it's time for me to set some personal goals for March. Also, if you are following along with our no spending challenge and budget goals, click here to read how we did in February!

Honestly, my personal goals were pretty easy last month.  I wish I would have walked more, but otherwise I am pleased with how things ended up.  I'm setting a few more challenges for March, but first, lets dive into how February went.......

Eat vegetarian 70% of the time. -  Success! Out of the 61 meals I ate in February, 46 were vegetarian and 15 contained meat so that is actually over 75%!  The majority of the meat meals was usually in the form of stir fry, so often it was a very small amount.  I did have a sandwich with turkey lunch meat once and a sandwich with a grilled chicken breast once, and my health log noted I didn't feel well the day after.  Interesting!

Walk Mocha every nice day - Mocha and I did not walk every nice day, but took an average of 3 walks a week. She has a nice fenced in backyard to play in on non-walking days.

No beer other than the brewery- I cheated a bit on this, but still consumed way less beer than I usually do.  Chad and I had a date at local restaurant that serves craft beer on tap and I had one with my meal.  Also, we wanted to go to the brewery, but decided to use our date money and have a date in our backyard instead so we bought beer to drink for this "date".  We figured we should enjoy our beautiful backyard on nice days, and it was a savings compared to the brewery.

Journal/Blog 3 times a week - Success! I have either written in my personal journal, or worked on a blog post 3 times a week.

Health journal daily - Success! This is a great way to see why I feel the way I do.  Food really affects my pain levels. I also noticed after getting many breakouts I was eating dessert every day, so was able to cut them out and my face cleared up.  Having this journal is very helpful in understanding what my body likes and does not.

Drink 1 gallon of water each day - Success!

Go to yoga 2 times per week - Success! I love it that Chad usually joins me for the yoga classes when his work schedule allows.

Read 1 book (at least) -  Success! I read Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much Moreand am I'm almost finished with Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II.

When thinking through March's goals I want to continue to challenge myself physically and mentally, so many of the goals will be continued.  Drinking beer will not be one of them, though. I enjoy drinking a beer a few evenings a week and on the weekends, and it's rare that I ever have more than 1. I also found wine gives me a headache after just one glass, so even though wine is probably healthier for me I don't like the headache and prefer beer. For March, I am setting a much harder goal, though.  No sweets. Gah!  Let's take a look at my goals for March!

March Goals

Eat vegetarian 70% of the time -  I would like to clean up my eating a bit more.  Some days even though I did not have meat, it wasn't exactly healthy and heavy on grains. So with that in mind......

Eat vegetables every day  - Cooked or fresh. The easiest way for me to do this would be to incorporate smoothies into my diet.

Walk Mocha every nice day - Even though I may not make this goal I still want to set it.  It gets my butt in gear on days when I otherwise would not want to walk.

Journal/Blog 3 times a week 

Health journal daily 

Drink 1 gallon of water daily 

Go to yoga 2 times per week

Read 1 book (at least) - I want to finish Monarch and then read one more book.

No sweets - No candy, pastries, cookies, cake, or sweetened drinks like a chai from a coffee shop.  This does not include fruit or sweetener I put in tea at home.  I only have a cup of tea a few times a week so I figured that wasn't a big deal.  I am hating myself for making this a goal already! HA! This is going to be super hard for me, but a good practice nonetheless. And you better believe I enjoyed a piece of cheesecake on February 28th before this challenge started!

So that's a wrap.  What are your goals for March, friends?

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