Friday, February 23, 2018

Frugal Friday Fun 2/23

Hi, friends! I thought I would start a new series on Friday - a short post telling what's been fun this week or frugal things we have done. Join me!

Last week week was Valentines Day and while Chad and I have never been huge on the holiday, we usually celebrate in a small way.  This year was no different, but we may have set the record for having it be low cost with a great opportunity to connect. I picked Chad up from work, we grabbed a buy one get one free pizza at one of our favorite spots, and headed up to the mountain overlooking the city.  I had packed linens and drinks, so for less than $10 we had a romantic date where we were able to connect in quiet and have intentional conversation about of life and future.  It was SO great we decided we need to do it more often.

Another one of Chad's and my favorite dates is to Givens Books.  Their cafe is excellent and we can get a meal and coffee for less than $20. We also love browsing through the used book section. Last summer I picked up a used copy of Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II, but just now got around to reading it this week.  For those of you who love Netflix's "The Crown" and PBS's "Victoria", this book is a must read! Although it was written in 2002 at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee, it's fascinating to read the history up to that point.

One of my favorite bloggers and online friend, Andrea, of Seasons and Salt, gave a heads up that you can buy Fiddle Leaf Figs through Home Depot online for less than $30!! I am beyond excited! I have been looking for a Fiddle Leaf Fig for years.  I found one a few years ago at a local garden store, but it was over 6 feet tall and was $100! I am allowed to buy 4 plants on my shopping ban, so you can bet this will be purchased soon!

One of my favorite reads this week on gratitude.

Phoebe is gone this week visiting her Dad and grandparents, so I am supposed to be painting trim (with paint I already have). The weather has been SO nice I have been procrastinating.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends!  Have you done anything frugal or fun this week?

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