Friday, September 1, 2017

Life Update 2017

Hello friends!

So before I get into regular posting again on various subjects, some of my regular readers have requested a life and acreage update. So here is a little update with pics from my camera roll......

We have lived in our little white farm house for 4 years and even though it is a rented home, we have made it our own over the years. I have landscaped around two sides of the house, we have torn out old bushes and trees, put in a clothesline, and painted many of the interior rooms.  The little house has it's quirks, but we we love it.

This year I painted the small little guest room between Remington's and our room.

Sorry for the grainy, dark photo, the lighting isn't the greatest up there!

It's about and 8 x 9 space; just large enough for a double bed, a tiny night stand, and trunk for setting suitcases. It turned out nice and I love I am able to display my childhood quilt that my mother bought from a sweet lady who sewed it by hand back in the 80's. It's also nice I have an official room for guests now. Chad's parents were here in June and were able to stay with us in this little room now, which was fun!

We got six chickens in April and this is my first experience with chickens since I was a child. Both Remington and I take care of them and in turn they give us 5-6 eggs per day. Until a few weeks ago, they lived in a coop with attached run, but now they have free rein of the yard and garden. My garden is such a beast now I figured I could share with the chickens!  At the beginning of the season they got into my garden and ate all the kale so they had to be confined for the summer.

The hens 

The coop and run

Pretty eggs

Speaking of my garden, it has been my best year for tomatoes yet. I planted four plants this year and they have been producing up a storm.  I have already frozen 30 pounds and made many jars or salsa and marinara sauce as well as given quarts away to friends. I also have lettuce, peppers and herbs. All other produce is purchased at our local Farmers Market which we frequent every Saturday.


Herbs and cedar for smudge sticks

Phoebe next to my tomato plants

This happened about twice a week through July and August!

My weekly haul from the Farmer's Market

We haven't traveled much this year. The last few months of 2016 found me traveling every month, so a slower pace was welcome for 2017. In June, we went to Chattanooga for Phoebe's (our granddaughter) second birthday, and spent a lovely weekend with her and Nakoma at an AirBnB up in the mountains.

I also took a day trip on the train to Alexandria to see my friend, Michelle who was visiting from Nebraska. We had a fun day catching up and wandering the historic downtown and riverfront.

Chad and I are planning my birthday trip to New England to see the leaves in October and then our entire family will got to Phoenix again over Thanksgiving, so we have some fun trips in the works. My west coast married daughters have been busy establishing their homes, and have been busy with their jobs so I did not get to California this year.  I hope to be able to head out early next year. We will see them both during Thanksgiving though!

I hope to get back to regular posting next week. I want to post an update on my continuing quest to live as a more conscience consumer. When jotting down some ideas for the blog I thought I would do some post focused on ethical companies I have found and loved, books I have read that speak to my lifestyle, recipes made with local produce and the occasional family post.  Anything else you would like to hear about?

Have a great week, friends!

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