Saturday, September 17, 2016

Summer of '16 Wrap Up

Hi, friends! Can you believe fall starts next week?  Here in Virginia it still feels like summer with the temps in the 80's and 90's, and I'm kind of jealous of my Nebraska friend's fall weather. This summer wasn't too eventful for us, although I wrapped it up in a fun way with a trip to San Diego over Labor Day.  Today I am bringing you highlights of the Summer of '16.

* My garden was very unattended this year since I haven't felt the best, but it was the best producing year yet and is still going strong. So far I have frozen 25 pounds of tomatoes for winter use, had stuffed peppers numerous times, and shared the bounty of peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers with friends. I also planted onions and herbs this year that produced well.  I had intended to have a fall garden, but never got it planted.....thank goodness for the Farmer's Market!

*Speaking of the Farmer's Market, I have SO enjoyed going all spring and summer. This summer our family has done great with eating locally with over 80% of our food bought from nearby farms. We even extended it to locally sourced personal items like soaps, perfume, lipstick, and gifts for friend who recently married or had babies. I am hoping this will carry-over through the winter with focusing on eating more root vegetables and pasture raised meat (we recently purchased half of a pastured hog) and buying local gifts for the holiday season.

 * We didn't travel this summer, other than my trip to California, so much of the summer free time was spent on the porch with a cup of coffee or a local craft brew. I also made a lot of delicious food.....

*In August, Remington started high school at a local private school.  We chose a private school because of the smaller class size and accessibility to our home.  He has enjoyed it and has made some new friends in his classes as well as on the soccer team. Isn't he getting tall?  He is as tall as Chad now.....

* Over Labor Day weekend, Nakoma, Phoebe, and I went out to San Diego to visit Naomi.  We had such a fun time! We rented an Airbnb guest house close to where Naomi lives and enjoyed beach time, a day trip to the mountains, a day in San Diego, and time spent cooking and relaxing in our little guest house. 
Sorry for the picture overload!!

Phoebe did great on the airplane.  Nakoma and I met in Atlanta and flew together to San Diego, which is a 4 hour flight. Fortunately, we flew Delta which has screens in the back of each seat for movie watching.....such a great way to pass the time!

We were so excited to see Aunty Naomi!

She looks cool, but she really didn't like the beach very well!

To save money we did a lot of our own cooking in the kitchen of the guest house.

We went to Old Town San Diego one day and had authentic Mexican for lunch!

We spent a few hours at Seaport Village in downtown San Diego.

We had to stop at Frost Me Cupcakes!

And we took Phoebe on her first carousal ride!

We also had a fun afternoon in the mountains with my Aunt and Uncle.  It was a quick trip but great to spend time with them.

Since returning home I have been hard at school.  I am doing an online program for my degree so the pace moves twice as fast as school on campus; so next semester I hope to do a mix of online and residential classes.  So far things have gone smoothly and I'm doing well with the material.

Fall looks to be busy with three trips planned, plus school for all three of us!  Chad is still working slowly on his Masters of Divinity and working full-time at the university. He has a work trip for 3 days in DC coming up so I'm tagging along for that and hope to get in lots of sight-seeing. Then, in a few weeks I'm headed out to Nebraska for a long weekend to see Oksana.  Finally, in November we have another trip to Phoenix planned. It seems like all I will be doing the next two months is studying ahead and cooking freezer meals for these planned trips! Ha!

Well if you've made it through this update I consider you a true friend.....Hopefully I can get some other blog posts in over the next few months.....if I can work it between school and cooking. :-)

Hope you all have a great fall, friends!  

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