Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Looking Back - Spring 2016

I haven't done a family or acreage update for awhile so I thought I would take the time and fill you all in on what we've been up to this spring.  I feel like we haven't traveled much this year compared to last year, but when I looked through my pictures from March through June I see we traveled 3 times!

So here are some fun things we've done over the spring months of 2016. Just an FYI...lots of pictures!

Spring 2016

In March, Remington and I went to Nebraska to see friends and family.  Unfortunately,  I had some health problems which cut the trip shorter than anticipated, but we did get to see almost everyone planned.

(L-R) My best friend, Alicia, her mom, Cindy, our dear friend, Sharon, and I went to a pottery shop that was in an old church. 

I picked up some beautiful things for my kitchen!

I was able to visit my "oldest" friend, Kim, and spend the day with her. We've been friends since we were newborns!

Remington had a good time helping Sharon around her farm for the week we were there!

We also were able to spend a few days with Oksana and see other extended family. (Why are my children so tall?!)

But then, this happened so we headed home.  (I'm fine...we thought I was having heart issues but I guess it was an anxiety attack!)

Chad and I celebrated our 14th anniversary at the end of March! We also hiked several times this spring! 

We had a fun Gatsby themed banquet for his work end-of-year party. 

We celebrated his 40th birthday!

And took up eating sushi!

In mid-May we went to Phoenix to visit Chad's family.

And then went on to California to visit Naomi.  

We were able to meet her boyfriend, Nick, too.

We spent an evening on the beach, but as you can see it was cold.  Remington jumped in anyway!

Then it was back to warm Phoenix for a little more time by our family's pool!

In June we went to Chattanooga to visit our little granddaughter, Phoebe, who turned 1!

We had a fun day at the park for her birthday.

We loved spending the weekend with her and Nakoma.

As far as around the acreage, we have done a few things.....removing this old stump for one!

I planted my garden, although it's smaller this year.  We've been enjoying cucumbers and onions already, and tomatoes and peppers will be ready soon! I plan to plant lettuce to harvest in the fall once the onions are done.

I moved these iris to a new location.....

 I think their colors will pop better next spring along this shed!

My perennial flowers are doing ok, although I need to plant some taller ones.  The blue hydrangea on the right is new when I moved the iris and should grow taller and give some height to that area, but I still need to address the bare spot where I have the hanging basket.  Not sure why things I plant there do not grow well!

And finally, this is our favorite spot in the evenings and on weekends! We love to sit out here with a cold drink and watch the wildlife.  We have a hummingbird that comes within 4 feet of us to feed from his little feeder! We also see deer and hundreds of other birds each night!

Summer looks to be fairly relaxed.  Remington has been begging to go to the beach or at the very least the lake, so hopefully we can make that happen.  He has a church trip planned as well that will take him to the beach in a few weeks. In August, he will be going to a "regular school" after several years of homeschooling.  It will be his first year in high school and Chad and I both feel his education needs will be better met outside our home. It will be an adjustment for us all and I am trying to decide what to do with my life after home schooling my kids for the last 7 years!  

Chad is busy with more changes and a new position at work.  He has changed his position 3 times in the last year, but each have been a step up for him, for which we are thankful. He still is taking classes to finish out his degree, but since he works full-time he only takes 1 class at a time.  He enjoys working at the university, so there is no need to hurry and finish his degree so he can move on to other things. 

Well that's a wrap, folks!  Stay tuned next week for a new post on living with less and some more changes I have been making this year!


  1. So much wonderful traveling! Looks like a wonderful time. I love your porch, it looks beautiful! Congrats to Chad on his new position. I'll be curious to hear about your post-homeschooling life in the fall!

    PS- Do you guys ever miss being homeowners? After being a long time homeowner, sometimes I struggle with feeling at home in a rental!

    1. We do miss owning a home, and this spring came very close to buying again. BUT, no place in our price range can offer us what our rental has for location, quiet, and things for Remington to do. He has unlimited fishing and hunting on our landlords 180 acres! We want to stay in this area for Remington's school as well which is just a short drive away. Unfortunately, housing in this area is out of our price range to own, so for now renting is our best bet. Our landlords are pretty good about letting me paint and plant flowers....but there are more expensive things I wish they would fix up that we don't want to put the money in to. For the most part though, I feel at home here! It's nice to know if something expensive breaks we don't have to fork over the money! :-)