Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Wrap Up

Here we are into the first week of December and I have yet to put up my tree!  I really want to paint the living room before I decorate.  Dragging feet.......

November was a quieter month after all of our traveling both near and far over the summer and fall. We had our share of fun things though, just close to home! When I look through my camera roll I see a lot of pictures of food! Haha! Here are some included.

One of the great things about being in a college town is the access to free entertainment.  Almost weekly there are concerts, plays, lectures, and sporting activities where the cost is very minimal or free.  Recently, Chad and I have been going to the concerts put on by the music department at the college. This week we went to the jazz concert where they did a jazz rendition of The Nutcracker suite. It was excellent!  Next week we see "Meet Me in St Louis" put on by the drama department.

Casual clothes are also acceptable to wear at the concerts.

I didn't do any painting in November, but I had another little house project that kept me busy.......removing the paint from the hardware of doors in the kitchen!  They had several coats of paint from over the last 100 years, but when the paint was stripped off it had a beautiful, old patina! 

Each door's hardware takes a day to remove, strip and refinish! My landlady is pleased......

Our favorite little visitor came to see us the week before Thanksgiving!  She is getting SO big!

She is almost 6 months old and is rolling and trying to scoot. 

While Nakoma and Phoebe were here, we celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual day since they went home to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. We had a local, grass fed pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted root vegetables, and my Sweet Potato Crescents with ginger snaps for dessert. 

Speaking of gingersnaps and sweet potato crescents.......


While Nakoma was here, we worked on a little project for the Christmas tree.....pompom garland! They are fun to make and super easy!

Waiting to be hung on the tree as soon as that room with the flower walls is painted!

Thanksgiving Day we had a friend of Chad's join us for the meal.  I ended up making a ham since the turkey I bought was 16 pounds. 

I also made an apple pie with a leaf and turkey cut out crust.  I think it turned out pretty well!

Finally, I dug out my grandma's doilies and ironed them.  I am thinking about framing some and hanging them on the walls in the living room once it's painted.

Aren't they lovely?

Remy had a great month as well and shot two deer during rifle season, but a not so good ending with a bad case of poison ivy.  We now have plenty of deer meat in our freezer.  He is back to bow hunting now, hoping to get a buck, not to be deterred by poison ivy! 

Sorry for you who do not like the sight of death......

Chad has been busy this month.  He accepted a new position within the office where he works and has been busy learning all the details that go with it.  He also is getting ready for finals starting next week.

December looks to be fun; we have a few Christmas parties, a few Christmas concerts, painting, and getting ready for guests.  Oksana will be visiting us the week of Christmas and Nakoma and Phoebe will also be back then.  Naomi will be here the week after New Years. We are SO excited that we'll see all three girls.

Hoping you all have a great month as well, friends!  Thanks for following along on the picture update for November!


  1. First off, love your outfit in the first pic. I LOVE the idea of framing the doilies, I think that would look awesome on a wall. I have several of my mom's doilies, maybe I should stop letting my kids play with them!

    Amazing job on the door knobs! Our old house had items like that which had been painted over and over during the course of 100+ years, and I always wondered what they would be like underneath. Nice job!

    1. Thank you! I will have to post a picture of the doilies framed. They are a huge pain to get centered properly, but once they are done they look quite nice. I just used simple embroidery hoops to frame them so the cost is minimal. Thanks for stopping by!