Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall at the Farmhouse

What a lovely October we had here at the farmhouse! Since returning from Chicago at the end of September I have really packed in the work and play.  Here are some highlights!

This is my current yard.  We have been getting rain so the grass is still green, but the leaves are red, yellow, and gold. We still need to do a final mow and raking of the yard once the leaves have fallen.

The back yard view. Look at that color!

Chad went on a 4 day domestic mission trip with a group of students to DC at the beginning of October, and while he was gone I painted!  Even though we only rent our home, we plan to live here until Remington graduates, so our landlords are paying for some updates as long as I do the work. 

Here is our freshly painted office/school room.....

Our home is pretty simple, but it's amazing how much a coat of paint makes it look better!  I am still hoping that someday our landlords will redo the floors, but painting really changes the look of the room!

 Here is the office before.  Lovely 80's style paneling with flowers......throughout the whole house. 

We also painted the kitchen and Remington's room.  I want to try to get the living room done before Christmas.

The Kitchen

I would love to paint the cabinets and tile the floor....but then I remember this is a rental! Haha!

So after the painting was done it was time to celebrate my birthday!  The weekend after my birthday was a brisk, cool sunny time and the leaves were amazing!  We took a little road trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed the fall colors!

The following day we went to the apple orchard with a group from our church gathering. While Chad and I felt like the old people of the group, we had a great time and have made so many dear friends with these people!

While it was very cold that day the scenery was gorgeous! 

After apple picking, we went into Charlottesville for supper.  Just like when Chad and I were there in the spring, the music man was on the street with his various instruments.  We found out he does it full time.  What a fun way to make a living!! We enjoyed his music while we waited for our table at the restaurant.

After we went to the apple orchard I really felt like fall was upon us!  I took the apples we picked and went home and made a fabulous pie!!
So much for eating gluten free.  It is SO hard during the fall and holiday months!!

The weekend before Halloween was homecoming at the university, so Chad was busy all day with the float and tailgate.

I think the Banker in Chad still has a hard time believing he is able to do what he loves, working with this group of crazy people!

My friend, Amanda and I were able to slip away from our teenagers and husbands for awhile and indulge in the festival food!

Finally, to wrap up the month of festivities we went to the last outdoor Farmer's Market of the season and took a Halloween walk with Koda along the trails nearby.

The waterfall was so pretty!

The tunnel was also cool to walk through!

My new boots for fall and winter!

I noticed as we were walking that a lot of the leaves had fallen since I had done the walk just the week before.  We are about to the end of the foliage season, but this is one of the first years I feel I have really got out and enjoyed the colors and change of the season.

I have put myself on a strict budget for the month of November. With all the running around I've done over the summer and fall our budget has really been put on the back burner. My cash system is back in play and lots of cooking will be done at home to avoid eating out. I have gone through my closet, AGAIN, as well as Chad's and sorted out some things to sell. Household items are also having a thorough going-over as well.  I feel like it is time to prepare my little nest for the long months of hibernation. 

Well, friends, that is the fall wrap up! Have you done any fun fall activities? 


  1. Sounds lovely! And happy belated birthday! I love all your pictures. Looks so beautiful there. Your office DOES look quite a bit different! Where will you guys go after Remington graduates? Also, are those the Bean boots from LL Bean?

    1. Thank you!! We are not sure if we will move on after Remington graduates or stay in the area. It kind of depends if Chad wants to get his doctorate and if I'm still working on my bachelors. As long as he works for the university it is free for both of us and the kids. We both want to live in a loft in the city though, so we may just move a few miles away. :-) I WANTED the Bean Boots but there was a wait until February and I really didn't want to go another winter without warm boots!! I found these at Dicks Sporting Goods and they were identical and about half the price. They are Field and Stream Merrimack boots and I love them!

  2. The Field and Stream ones look so cozy! But oye, I wish they weren't made in China :( The Bean boots are made in the US, so that is part of the reason why I like them. But yeah the wait is lame. I will probably wait till next season anyway to decide if I really "need" them.

    1. I know.....I should have just waited. :-( I still wrestle with buying foreign made goods versus saving money. I looked for the Bean Boots on eBay, hoping to find a used pair, but used were going for the price of new, or more! New on eBay were going for close to or well over $200! I plan to wear these boots until they wear out, so I feel ok with my purchase. They are one of those shoes....kind of like my Uggs, that I'll never get rid of and wear even when they are no longer stylish because they are warm and comfy. :-)

  3. Oh and a loft in the city sounds amazing!! Love it! I can't believe you had your kiddos soo young!!

    1. While I don't recommend having children as young as I did, it sure will be nice when we are 44 and empty nesters! (Actually, I'll probably hate the empty nest and wish I still had kids at home! Haha) But on the other hand it will be nice, since my husband and I married with children we have never lived together without them. :-)