Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome 2015

Hello friends!

Long time no see.....or get the idea. I have decided to start blogging again but have changed a few things up a bit.  As you can see, the blog has a new name!  I think this name is much more in keeping with the theme of the blog and our lives in general.

Another thing I have changed are the ways to follow my blog.   I offer following via email or bloglovin'.  I'm sorry, but if you followed by email before you will need to resubscribe because of the blog name change. I have also removed Google + as a way to follow as I really do not want my private life to mix in with my online life since my blog will be open for the world to see.  If you have a particular blog reader you use other than bloglovin' you can add me to that by searching my blog address, If you followed through Google + before you may want to change to a different way to follow. Hope this makes sense!

My content will stay the same as it was last year.  I will focus on our life, family, my health, and what life lessons I've been learning. Those of you new to the blog, I encourage you to check out my past posts. I look forward to sharing with you!!

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