Monday, January 19, 2015

Ups and Downs

I thought I would share highlights of our life since I left the blog last year. The second half of 2014 had many ups and downs.  More like a few ups and many downs.......I will be honest, it wasn’t great.  But rather than go on about the downs I want to focus on the ups! :-)

1)  My garden ended up providing us with countless summer meals and 35 pounds of frozen tomatoes and several bags of frozen jalapeños! I have only 3 bags of tomatoes left, but the jalapeños should last me until next summer.  We more than tripled our garden space this fall so I will be able to plant a greater variety of veggies this spring.  Remington is also thinking about planting corn in a separate garden space.

2)  I was able to spend over a week with Oksana and see many of my friends back in Nebraska at the end of October.  While the reason for the trip was a “down” (health issues for Oksana), I greatly enjoyed spending time with her and many dear friends.

3)  Remington shot his first deer this year in November.  And his second, third, and fourth.  Needless to say we have plenty of deer meat in our freezer and I am trying to find creative ways to cook it!

4)  We found out in November we are going to be grandparents in June!  While many people would consider having an unmarried, pregnant daughter a “down,” we prefer to look at the baby as a gift from God!  We are excited to meet this little one and know without a doubt Nakoma will be an excellent mother.

5)  In December, Naomi was able to come home for a little over a week during the Christmas season.  We had a fun time decorating cookies, watching old movies, and eating lots of tasty food.  Nakoma joined us for the weekend following Christmas and we had a fun time together as a family, although we missed Oksana.

6)  We enjoyed a family hike the Saturday following Christmas, minus Remington who preferred to sleep. We had to give him a hard time since his pregnant sister and his crippled mother were able to make the trek to the summit while he slept. The day was perfect with highs in the 60’s.

We are looking forward to 2015 and the changes and exciting prospects of things to come!  

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  1. Very concise for a recap of the last few months of 2014. Loved the pictures! Love you all. Looking forward to the next posting.