Saturday, June 21, 2014

Health Update and June/July Goals

It has been awhile since I have updated on my health so I thought I would share today how it has been going.

With all the stress in my life over the last 5 weeks my IBS has been back.  Of course it hasn’t helped that my diet has been all out of whack as well.  Up until I headed to Nebraska I was doing great - I was able to fit back into the dress I wanted to wear for Sem Prom!

Here is the dress!

I also walked with Koda every day for 50 days in a row and was keeping up with my body weight circuit 2-3 times a week. Chad and I also went on a challenging hike in early May.  By the time I left for Nebraska I had lost another 3 pounds since my last update in April and IBS symptoms were pretty rare. 

Chad and I on our May hike.

But then May 20th hit and that all came to a screeching halt.  When I am super stressed I don’t eat, so the first week I was in Nebraska my weight dropped greatly.  Since returning home I have gained all except for 3 pounds back, bringing my total weight loss up to 20 pounds since Christmas.  I have not been this light since 2008.  I am happy with my weight now and it would not bother me if I don’t lose anymore, but we will see what my body decides. Now that I have returned home and am back on my cleaner diet and have less stress my IBS has diminished greatly. 

I have decided to cut out candy again for the next 2 weeks. (I made my last goal for no candy for 3 weeks in April/May.)  Chad’s parents are coming out the second week in July to take us to the beach and Colonial Williamsburg.  Since we are going to be at the beach I will need to buy a swim suit, and even though I am thinner that isn’t my favorite thing to buy or wear.  I also want to continue to walk Koda every non-rainy day. Once my living room is cleaned out of the storage boxes I will try to get back to my body weight circuit a few times a week as well.  I also have another hike planned in late July with my niece up in northern Virginia.

Many people have wondered about my back pain with all the work I did cleaning up my Dad’s house.  I will admit there were a few nights I was in pain to tears, but for the most part my back pain has diminished.  I was able to see my chiropractor in Nebraska and get an adjustment which I believe helped me get through the weeks without much pain.  I know the weight loss has helped it, too.

So that is it!  The hot, humid summer weather has returned to Virginia and I sweat about 5 pounds off during Koda’s walks!  Below are my goals for the rest of June and July.

June/July Goals

* No candy until July 8th
* Walk Koda every non-rainy day
* Body weight exercises 2-3 times a week
* Go on 1 hike
* Keep up no wheat/dairy 90% of the time

Have a great week, friends!!

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