Monday, April 7, 2014

March Update

So, March…..where did you go? Sorry for the lack of posting last month!  I am very much a routine person and when I get out of my routine it takes me weeks to get back into it! I also do not plan ahead very well and did not have posts written in advance.  Whoops!

So here are some of our highlights from the month of March!

1)      We were able to go to Northern Virginia a couple times and spend time with my brothers.  I really enjoy living only a few hours away from this part of my family! While visiting them we were able to go on a hike.

2)      Chad and I had a nice spring break.  We spent the week pretty laid back, doing yard work, going on dates and watching the 6 hour mini series Pride and Prejudice. (It takes a real man to enjoy watching Jane Austin!)

3)      Remy went on a 3 day deep sea fishing trip with 3 of my brothers.  Even though the first day was cancelled because of the weather, and the second day he was sea sick, it was all made up the last day when he reeled in a 500 pound blue fin tuna!  He will get a master angler award for it! Chad and I had a nice week being “empty nesters”.

 Remy reeling in the fish. I like how he is strapped in so the fish doesn't pull him off the boat!

4)      I was able to go visit Naomi and Nakoma in Tennessee for 3 days the latter part of the month.  While it was a trip to take care of some business, we were able to do some fun things.  Nakoma and I went to a little English tea house for “afternoon tea” and to see a movie.   Naomi and I had a nice afternoon shopping at TJ Maxx and getting Starbucks. I spent a few hours at Naomi’s dorm and met many of her friends.  I was also able to go out to dinner with Nakoma and her friend; we spent the evening afterwards walking the beautiful area downtown and getting coffee. It was a fun trip!
Beautiful Tennessee River

5)      Chad and I celebrated our 12th anniversary at the end of the month. It was pretty laid back and we went out for Indian food at a restaurant we had never tried. The years have gone by so quickly, and yet, sometimes it seems like we have been together forever. To read our love story click here.
One of my favorite pics from our recent family pictures. 

6)      I had a successful month with eBay sales!  It actually kept me quite busy as I had over 50 listings.  I was able to make enough money to fund my spring and summer wardrobe, buy some fun things for the house, put money in Chad and my date envelope, and save for Remy’s school books for fall. I still have about 20 listings left but it feels good to get rid of unnecessary stuff!

So those are some of the things that happened the month of March. It was a great month! April is shaping up to be good, too.  I’m looking forward to Easter in a few weeks, planting flowers, seeing Naomi and Nakoma, celebrating their 18th birthday, and possibly going on another hike.  Chad only has 5 weeks left this semester.  It is hard to believe that a whole school year is almost through for him.  Over the summer he plans to take 3 intensives which is a semester of class crammed into 1 week, as well as working, so he will be very busy.  We get to go to Baltimore for a weekend with his work in June and will also have a visit from his parents that month.  So I am sure the summer will go by quickly as well!  Have a great week, friends!


  1. OK so I'm kind of jealous that you got to do yard work on spring break. Our weather was too yucky and it is long overdue. What an adorable picture of you two with your puppy. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Alison! The weather here has been weird too...or so I'm told by the locals. But fortunately that week was nice! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just found your blog through Get Your Pretty On. You and your husband look like an amazing couple - happy anniversary! I'm really looking forward to reading about how you sell things on ebay, as I have a stockpile of things I would like to get rid of!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Lana! I love seeing new people visit my blog! My eBay post is long overdue but will be going up the end of the week!