Monday, March 17, 2014

The Beauty of Virginia

Even though I was born and raised in Nebraska, I have always wanted to live by the mountains.  Now don't get me wrong.....I love my home state and there is something very wild and beautiful in the flat miles of cornfields, the windmills in an open pasture, and the vast stretches of empty sandhills in the panhandle. But Virginia has a different kind of beauty.  I love the winding roads through forests that open into rolling pastures with farms and herds of cattle.  I love the mountains that offer panoramic of views at the top.  I love to hike the trails that are abundant through this state, through the leafy green hardwoods in the spring and summer and the crunching leaves in the fall. And I love the fact we have countless hiking trails just a short drive from our home.

I also love the history that is right at our fingertips.  For a history buff like myself, being in the heart of civil war country is very exciting.  Why, just down the road from where we live you can see where Lee surrendered to Grant! In a 3 hour drive we could go to Washington DC, Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Richmond, or the beach. We could live here the rest of our lives and have new things to explore!

Last weekend we spent time with my brother up in Northern Virginia.  He and his sweet wife just bought a beautiful home in the mountains.  While we were there we were able to take a hike around a lake that is down the road from their home.  Today I want to share a few pictures I took.

Here is the lake we hiked around.....

Remy on our hike....he really blends in!!

The geese on the lake.....

I am excited to hike this in the spring if it was this pretty in the winter......

We hiked around the entire lake which was about 2.5 miles.  Koda came along and loved it as well.  Especially the jumping in the lake part!  We were quite the crew with Chad, Remy, Koda and I as well as my brother, sister-in-law, their two granddaughters and two dogs! We had a fun time!

On the way home we stopped at an old covered bridge for a few pictures...

I can imagine all the horses and buggies that have driven through here over the years! 

The tree lined road that goes up to the bridge.  I will definitely be back for more pictures this spring!

We had a great spring break!!  Remy is on his spring break now spending this week with 3 of his uncles deep sea fishing in the Atlantic!  This is the trip of a lifetime for him.....I am just praying he doesn't get sea sick.  He has never been on the ocean before!  Hopefully I will be able to get a lot of blog work done this week! :-)

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  1. These pictures made me homesick for Pennsylvania. It looks very similar and we had covered bridges there too. So beautiful!