Saturday, March 1, 2014

30 Wheat/Dairy Free Recap & March Health Goals

The 30 days of no wheat and dairy have come to an end!  It has been a good month and I am so thankful to be feeling better.  Most days this last week and a half I have felt pretty much back to normal, which is wonderful!  I am going to continue this eating plan as much as possible.  I don’t want it to rule my life though, so I will make exceptions for special occasions or when we go to another person’s home.  I may add cheese back into my diet, too, or at least try it and see how my body reacts.  That is what I have missed the most.  I can make due without bread, but not having cheese on top of Mexican food is pretty sad. J

Positives for this month include, the obvious, decline of IBS symptoms, but I've also lost 7 pounds and 2 inches around my tummy and 1 inch around my waist. I had steady weight loss the first few weeks, but the last 10 days I have stayed the same.  It could be from the Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream, or it could be that my body is comfortable at this weight.  While I would like to be 10 pounds lighter, I don't obsess about it and I don't "diet."  I just try to eat healthy foods when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, and let my body decide what a healthy weight is.  My back has seen improvement this month as well, although I still have bad days, just fewer of them.  Not sure if this is because my diet changed or that I have added regular exercise in, but whatever caused it I am happy.

I now want to take a little time to talk about my health goals for the month of March.  I will no longer be doing the daily health log with my diet and exercise for the day, but I do want to continue to keep accountable, not only to me but to my friends who are interested.  I plan to have a few health posts per month talking about a healthy diet or exercise, and I will continue the recipe posts.  I also want to have a monthly post with goals for the month.  Feel free to join me!  I would love your feedback either through the comment section or by email.

March Health Goals:

  1. Continue my weight circuit 3 times a week.

  1. Do yoga at least 20 minutes, preferably 30-40 minutes, 5 times per week.

  1. Take Koda on a 30 minute walk at least 5 times a week.

  1. Introduce 1 new vegetable into my diet.  This month it's this recipe for Caramelized Brussels Sprouts. (I'll admit, I couldn't wait until March to try them and made them this week.  They were delicious!!)

  1. Continue no wheat and dairy at home.  Exclusions can be made if we go to someone’s house for dinner. May add cheese back into diet this month.

  1. Go on a hike. (Chad has spring break in mid-March, so if the weather is nice this should be doable.)

Do you have monthly health goals?  Please share!  I can always use some inspiration!


  1. My monthly health goal - no alcohol. :-) I'm glad you liked the Brussells sprouts! I wonder how hard they are to grow? I'm hoping for warmer weather soon so I can take my old Molly girl for daily walks. She is 11, but if she doesn't get enough exercise she paces. I want to post at least 1 Livestream workout per week. My last several have been full length classes, so I want to do some short practices, maybe one specific to core work. Thanks Rebecca, I enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks, Sara! I need to start participating in your Livestream workout. I have been doing yoga by myself but I know this would be better. I need to figure out how to stream it to my TV so I have a bigger screen. My laptop isn't the best. Good luck on your goals and hope your weather warms up soon!!