Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to My Blog!

Well, at the suggestion of family and friends I have decided to dive into the blog world.  Chad, my husband, has been after me for some time to start a blog, but my introvert hermit nature really has had to get past the whole “public” part.  That being said, this blog will be about my life as a stay at home, home schooling mom whose husband is in seminary.  Last year we sold our house, and moved our daughters off to college and careers and left behind our middle-upper class lifestyle to live in a little white farmhouse in the Appalachian Mountains so Chad could go to seminary.  Talk about a 180 degree change in our life!  In actuality, getting to the point of selling off our house and half of our belongings was quite a process that took many years of frugality.  My plan is to write about saving money/frugality, cooking with whole, natural and organic food, fitness, home décor and fashion on a budget. Pretty much what my life revolves around.  The month of February will be heavy on the food, health and fitness as I am doing 30 days without wheat and dairy. I will include recipes from the things I cook in case any of you are also going no wheat/dairy.  Welcome!  I look forward to sharing with you!