Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 4 & 5 No Wheat/Dairy

So the last few days have been pretty good, although I have not felt as good as the previous three days. Yesterday, I felt good until after supper and then had some pain and discomfort; nothing major, but a little more than the last few days. This morning when I got up I felt pretty horrible with typical IBS symptoms until mid-afternoon.  I did use store-bought broth in my Persian Beef I made for supper.  Usually I have homemade stock or broth but I was out.  When looking at the ingredients in the broth this afternoon I noticed wheat is not in the ingredient list, but there is a disclaimer on the bottom that says it may contain wheat or soy.  For crying out loud!  Lesson learned.  Labels need to be read thoroughly.  It may have been the jelly beans too, even though they are gluten free.  Just keeping it real though….I have a great love of jelly beans.

Exercise yesterday was just a mile and a half walk with Koda.  It was a beautiful day here in Virginia and the area around where we live is so peaceful.

Sunday Breakfast: 16 oz room temp water with ½ organic lemon, squeezed, 1 cup coffee, plate of fresh fruit, (about 1 cup)

Sunday Lunch: 16 oz green shake and 1 handful almonds

Sunday Supper: 1 cup brown rice with 1 ½ cups Persian Beef (Persian beef is an Iranian type of food dish with beef, onions and kidney beans in a spicy, turmeric sauce.)

Sunday Snack: 1 mini box of jelly beans, (about a handful), 1 cup herbal tea with honey

Persian Beef 

Today I did two 15 minute walks with Koda and my 40 weight and yoga circuit.  Food for today is below.

Breakfast: 16 oz room temp water with ½ organic lemon, squeezed, 1 cup coffee

Lunch: 1 cup leftover Persian Beef without rice, 1 apple

Snack: 1 Handful almonds

Supper:  Large taco salad with 4 oz seasoned ground beef a 1 handful of organic corn chips, crushed

Snack: 2 cups herbal tea with honey

Taco Salad

Hoping tomorrow is a better day!  Having a lot of back pain tonight as well but that may be from the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping all the floors and sitting in an unusual chair to work on my blog.  It isn't as bad as it sometimes get, for which I am thankful.  I think the ice pack is calling my name!

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