Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 14 & 15 No Wheat/Dairy

Day 15

Thursday, Day 15: Today marks the halfway point of my no wheat/dairy experiment. While I definitely can see a difference in how I feel, it hasn’t been the cure-all I was hoping for.  I still have days where my IBS flares up, but I am thankful now it only seems like once or twice a week rather than every day. I know the next step would be to cut out all grains, but at this point in my life I am not willing to do that. I love to cook (and eat!), cutting out so many of my favorite foods is just as discouraging as feeling badly all the time.  We will see how the rest of the month shapes up.  In better news, I have lost about 2 inches around my tummy area, (the area where I tend to gain weight first) and about 6 pounds.

Today was a beautiful snowy day and Chad had a snow day from school!  I had a few issues earlier on today with my tummy, but by late afternoon they were gone.  My energy was up today, too. Chad, Koda, and I went out and played in the snow for about a half hour since the roads were not clear enough for a walk. I also did my 30 minute weight circuit and about 20 minutes of yoga.

Breakfast: 16 oz water with ½ organic lemon, squeezed, 2 cups coffee, green smoothie with almond milk.

Lunch: leftover red curry with jasmine rice

Snack: 2 cups coffee (snow days equal lots of coffee consumption), 1 handful pistachios

Supper: homemade chicken noodle soup with rice noodles instead of wheat noodles, 1 apple

Snack: homemade popcorn made with coconut oil and sea salt (can’t have a movie night without popcorn!), 2 cups herbal tea with raw honey

Day 14

Wednesday, Day 14: Felt so-so today. Had some tummy issues all day and energy was pretty low.  Today was a total rest day as far as exercise, including a walk, since we had snowy, unplowed roads.

Breakfast: 16 oz water with ½ organic lemon, squeezed, 2 cups coffee

Lunch: Leftover Red Curry with jasmine rice, 1 clementine, 1 handful pistachios

Supper: 6 oz roasted white/dark chicken without skin, mashed red potatoes, salad

Snack: 8 oz chocolate homemade almond milk, homemade gluten/dairy free brownie-in-a-cup (major chocolate craving going on tonight!)

Have a great day, friends!

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